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6 Tips for Choosing a Safe and Trusted Data Center

Tips for Choosing a Safe and Trusted Data Center

6 Tips for Choosing a Safe and Trusted Data Center - In order for a business to run smoothly without a hitch, it takes a good and qualified IT infrastructure. One of the efforts to improve a good IT infrastructure is to choose the right data center for business operations.

We've been hearing the last few weeks about the excitement of the Cyber ​​1 building that caught fire. The impact of the fire resulted in the paralysis of various online services, such as applications, networks and others .

The chaos occurred because the Cyber ​​1 building is the data center of various well-known IT companies in Indonesia. The loss of data access certainly makes the service inaccessible to customers.

Of course this really does not want to happen to our business, right ?

Therefore, it takes a reliable data center to be ready to overcome all security issues that have the potential to threaten business operations.

Well , in this article I want to discuss a little about tips on choosing a data center so that our business can run smoothly.

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What is a data center and how do data center providers prevent disasters from happening to the system?

Before we get into the tips, I want to give you an idea of ​​what a data center is. Maybe there are those who don't know or are still planning to store their business data in the right data center.

A data center or data center is a facility used to house computer systems and related components, such as telecommunications systems and data storage.

The advantage of using a data center is that it can adapt to our business needs. When there is a new service, the data center does not need to make significant changes as a whole.

In addition, the best data center providers also have a Disaster Recovery Center.

Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is one part of the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) that supports business continuity. DRC is a special infrastructure that is used as a backup system, applications to important company data to anticipate damage or loss of data due to disasters or other unexpected events that can occur at any time.

DRP is an action planning strategy that must be carried out before, during and after experiencing an incident or disturbance. DRP can be prepared from our business side as an internal preparation of the company and connect it to the DRP owned by the data center so that it has a consistent flow in dealing with a problem.

DRP became very important to pay attention to after the fire accident in the Cyber ​​1 building some time ago.

So, you understand right ?

So that business operations are not disrupted, company data should be stored in a trusted data center and don't forget to design a reliable disaster recovery plan.

Tips for Choosing A Data Center

Because data is a valuable thing, we must really choose the right data center.

The following are some tips that can be a reference in choosing a data center:

Choose the right location

Location is the first thing to consider. The best data centers are located in locations that have good and stable connectivity, as well as areas that are safe from disasters, such as earthquakes and floods.

Also choose a data center location that is in accordance with consumer demographics. If you choose a target consumer in Australia, it is better to choose an Australian data center.

Have good reliability

Data center technology and capabilities can be seen from the features and server uptime levels. Make sure to only choose a tier 3 data center that has been confirmed to have the best current capabilities.

Tier 3 data centers have a high uptime rate, for example Biznet Data Center which has an uptime SLA of 99,999%. 18 years of experience makes Biznet Data Center one of the best data centers in Indonesia.

Guaranteed and safe data center facilities

So that there is no significant down time, a reliable data center has excellent facilities to launch our business operations.

Facilities that generally must be owned are a good electricity generator system, cooling and climate control system and of course a good anti-fire system so that data protection is more optimal.

Security system that is not fake

Each fund center must have security and operational certification to avoid virus attacks or unwanted data theft.

Therefore, certifications such as Tier-3, TVRA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS will be easy to find in trusted data centers.

Reliable HR support

It is important to remember that in data storage and management are reliable human resources from the data center itself.

As clients, of course we want to get the best service to solve problems in data storage experienced.

An experienced data center team ready to help you solve technical problems is a must in order to provide the best service. Support from a reliable support team also affects the convenience of using data center services.

Have a data center service that suits your needs

The need for service development in our business certainly requires additional data. The data center must be able to increase the flexibility of the infrastructure according to our needs.

If we have our own server and want to be placed in a data center, make sure the facilities have adequate colocation. For example, server placement racks provide several rack sizes 42U, 21U and 14U, with 600 x 1100mm standard racks. Of course have a room with our own security system.

How, isn't it difficult to know how to choose the right data center for our company?

In this way, data can be more secure and easily accessible without significant downtime .

That's it for this article, I hope it's useful.

If you have questions or want to share experiences in using data center services.