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7 Step How to Blogger Make an Extra $50-$100/day Easily

7 Step How to Blogger Make an Extra $50-$100/day Easily

7 Step How to Blogger Make an Extra $50-$100/day Easily - I'm sure everyone wants to get money quickly, but believe me, nothing is instant in this world, like boiling noodles requires a process, right?

In this tutorial I will divulge simple tips that you can do, a little faster to get our daily dollars, okay, let me go straight without further ado.

How to Make an Extra $50-$100/day Easily

1. Buy some expired domains, make sure the domain is old, the backlink profile is clean, no spammy anchor text/links, and good metrics (DA 25+, TF 15+). You can also use some existing moneysites and skip directly to point number 3. The purpose of buying these expired domains is to SCALE UP your earnings!

2. Rebuild blogs. The content is as relevant as possible and the design is as attractive as possible.

3. Create a new page titled “Write For Us” or “Submit Guest Post”. For an example of a guest post page and the criteria, you can search on google. Don't forget to include your email too. Then optimize the onpage.

4. If you usually focus on ranking articles or homepages, this time focus on ranking your guest post pages only for terms like “guest post” + keyword or “write for us” + keyword, where there is less competition (depending on niche) than if you rank keywords in articles. Plus you can rank the page more easily and quickly by using an expired domain.

5. After your guest post is in Google's Top 5 or Top 10 position, usually a guest post offer will come via email. You just need to setup an auto responder or reply manually like this: “ Hi…I charge $50 per guest post ”. That's all. Short, concise and clear 😁. Usually they will ask for a free guest post or exchange link, you just ignore or delete the email or if you don't have any work to do, just reply “ Sorry I don't accept free guest post”.

6. Reply to emails that only pay for guest posts (if $50 is too expensive you can negotiate again) and make sure to be selective in accepting guest posts . Check the submitted articles using Copyscape so that they don't duplicate and make sure the articles can be read by humans.

7. Make sure you mention it in the email if they send backlinks to the post in question, the guest post will be deleted forever!

Usually you will receive 1-5 bids per day for one blog. If you receive 1 out of 5 guest posts, you earn $$ per day. Now just multiply it if you have several blogs.

Pro Tips: To convince guest post hunters and increase the outreach rate, you can include screenshots of GA or domain metrics such as DA, PA, TF, CF, BL, RD on your guest post page.