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Best Professional Website Maker App

Best Professional Website Maker App

Best Professional Website Maker App - In the past, creating a website was difficult. Only people who know coding can build websites. They can write hundreds of lines of code in a website building application just to create the basic framework of a website.

Luckily, today's website applications have become more sophisticated. There are many choices of applications whose features are tailored to your needs. Starting from Content Management System or CMS-based, offline and online web design applications, to applications to create websites in the form of text editors.

So if you are looking for a professional website building application, you might be a little confused which one to choose. That's why we recommend 7+ website building apps with the best features.

Best Professional Website Maker App

Here are the eight best professional website building apps for 2022 for you:


WordPress is a free application that allows you to easily build a professional website. As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is a combination of flexibility and ease in building content-based websites.

Over 30% of the web uses WordPress, making it the world's most popular CMS. Not only for professional websites, WordPress also supports other types of websites, such as blogs, e-commerce, communities, and more.

WordPress management has a user-friendly backend. You can change the basic design of your website with the templates provided by WordPress for free or paid .

For example, if you type the keyword “professional” on the WordPress theme page, you will find 700+ themes that match that keyword. You can do the theme installation process in one click.

You want additional features on your website? WordPress provides many of the best WordPress plug -ins that are ready to be downloaded and installed easily.

Due to their popularity, WordPress-based websites are often ideal targets for hackers. It is important for WordPress users to pay attention to the security features of their website. Luckily, WordPress provides many security plugins so you can easily install them.

Overall, WordPress is a quick and easy way to build a professional website without requiring any coding skills . The various themes and plugins available make the whole process of customizing your website very simple.

In addition, the WordPress application installation process only takes a few minutes. Niagahoster as a web hosting service provider even provides a WordPress auto install service package. This will make it easier for you who do not want to be complicated by installation problems.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Has many themes and plugins
  • Huge community support
  • Due to its popularity, WordPress is often the target of hacking.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is an offline web design application that is very well known among website developers. Good for coding, editing, and maintaining. 

The combination of visual editing and HTML editing allows you to code your website designs directly.

The trick is to display a screen to write code and design a website template. 

So, suppose you create a design with live preview mode, you can return to the coding screen to make adjustments.

Dreamweaver lets you produce responsive designs. This means your website can optimally appear on both desktop and mobile users, without limiting the user experience. 

Although it's not as easy as a CMS-based application like WordPress, Dreamweaver allows you to design website templates with the specifications you want. However, of course you need basic coding skills to do so.

  • Design customization
  • Great for creating responsive designs
  • HTML5 support
  • The price is quite expensive (starting at $27.62 per month)

InVision Studio

Initially, InVision offered cloud-based services that were integrated with design applications such as Sketch and Photoshop. Now, InVision offers a full-featured, attractive and easy-to-learn interface design.

The main feature of InVision is the ability to create easy and dynamic animation motions. This ability is called difficult to compete with other applications.

Furthermore, collaboration features make it easier for users to work in teams. You and your team can work on each other's tasks as well as discuss them in one frame.

InVision has a responsive artboard, so you can simply create one prototype for multiple devices. This will make it easier and save your time in building a website.

  • Design collaboration with the team
  • Easy to use UI
  • Integration with Sketch makes prototypes easy to upload
  • The application is quite heavy

Adobe XD

This application from Adobe is a tight competitor to InVision Studio. Those of you who are used to using Adobe's output applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, will likely like this application.

This program can open and edit files from Sketch. This support makes Adobe XD the choice of Windows users who need to collaborate with Sketch users.

Apart from being used for web development, XD can also be used to prototype Android and iOS applications.

Although it has undergone many developments since it was first launched in 2019, Adobe XD still lacks features, especially real-time collaboration. Third party plugins are also not available.

  • Multi-platform design (Android, iOS, website)
  • Connect with Adobe Library
  • Open multiple artboards at once
  • Animation capabilities are still limited


Bluefish is one of the smallest website design applications today. 

With the main focus of HTML, the interface design of this application is text only, perfect for those of you who like a clean look on the interface.

Although focused on HTML, Bluefish supports other programming languages, including PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL, XML and CSS.

In addition to its very small size, Bluefish has a good search function, allowing you to find text in multiple projects at once. Bluefish can also be run multi-platform.

For those of you who are familiar with website design applications that have a visual interface, it may take some time for you to get used to it.

  • Light and fast
  • Using advanced code via wizards
  • No visual interface


Created by one of Twitter's technical teams, Bootstrap is the most popular mobile website framework today. The Bootstrap framework can be used to create website designs with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Simply put, Bootstrap simplifies the process of coding a website from scratch. The application offers many features such as a grid system and component library which makes coding websites faster and easier.

These components include headers, navigation, and buttons. Bootstrap also provides a full suite of features, including examples and customization suggestions.

With the availability of pre-build templates that work well in the Bootstrap framework, you can edit these templates until you get the results you want.

  • Support in almost all browsers
  • Light size
  • Has a large community support
  • Ordinary website design


Almost like WordPress, Weebly is a pretty popular CMS, especially for building online store websites. 

The app comes with a drag and drop interface, which allows users to create websites in minutes.

The number of themes that Weebly provides is indeed limited, even so the available themes have a professional feel. Plus it has the option to customize it to your personal preferences.

This CMS has a responsive theme, which works best on mobile devices. Weebly has in built SEO, analytics, to the feature to post ads directly to Facebook.

  • Have a professional look
  • Friendly for mobile users
  • For CMS-based applications, the features are not as many as other CMS like WordPress

Atom Text Editor

Atom is an open source editor application for designing, developing and modifying code. This application has a drag and drop feature to move files and folders.

This application is supported by a packet manager that is integrated with Github as the developer of Atom, where users can enter additional features.

Some people who are not good at coding may find it difficult with the concept of this application. However, there are areas in web design that require direct code modification. 

This helps web builders who want to customize the code for the required add-on applications on a website.

Atom Text Editor interface can be changed and customized directly. Also, users can install themes through third parties, making the program easier to use. Plus, Atom has a large support community.

  • Provide library
  • Option to change theme
  • No visual interface


The presence of the application to create a website has the same goal, which is to make it easier for users to build websites. CMS-based website applications such as WordPress and Weebly are made to make it easier for users to build websites quickly without messing with code.

While text-based applications such as Bluefish provide complete freedom for users to enter the desired code. Between the two are apps like Dreamweaver that bridge the gap between the two.

WordPress is the most recommended professional website creation application. Apart from the ease of building a website, the availability of various features is a plus in itself. With just a few touches, your professional website can go online right away.

If you choose WordPress as your favorite website creation application, you will need other components, namely domain and hosting.

Domain is the address that must be typed in the browser page so that our website can be accessed. Meanwhile, hosting is used to store data and content on your website. 

Hopefully this article can help you determine the application to create your dream professional website. Good luck!