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Hacker Applications Commonly Used To Hack The Web

Hacker Applications

Hacker Applications Commonly Used To Hack The Web - Currently the development of technology every day is always changing, including hackers or we often know hackers . Along with the development of technology, their hack methods are getting more sophisticated.

Especially in a pandemic like this, of course, it is very important to add protection to important personal or company data. Why? Because during the pandemic almost all company activities are carried out online , such as meetings to buying and selling transactions.

Of course, adding and fixing security holes is very important, especially if we are more often active in the online world , the risk of being hacked is more potential and can be detrimental to business activities.

One form of effort to prevent data theft of the companies we manage is to recognize hacker applications. Our goal in getting to know this application is so that we can test the network or look for weaknesses in the system, then make improvements to the shortcomings.

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Hacker Apps

Hacker application is a computer program that helps hackers find and exploit the weaknesses of a system such as web applications, servers and networks. Now that there are many kinds of hacker apps available, we can easily download and use them to do network testing/ethical hackers.

Some of the available applications are open source and the rest are commercial. In this article, we will discuss a series of hacker applications with various features and links to download them. Read more below!


This application is a website application security scanner that is easy to use. This application can also automatically find SQL Injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities on your website system. The features contained in this application are as follows:

  • It can detect weaknesses accurately with Proof-Bassed Scanning Technology .
  • Easy configuration and can automatically scan and detect Not Found 404 pages specifically.
  • It has a REST API to integrate at any time with the SDLC and also has a bug tracking system.
  • Can move around 1000 website systems within 24 hours.

You can directly visit the official Netsparker website to download and get more detailed info.

Tracerout NG

This application is an application that can analyze the network path. Traceroute NG can also identify missing IP addresses, hostnames, and packages. It provides fairly accurate analysis via the command line interface . The features contained in this application are as follows:

  • Can perform TCP and ICMP network path analysis.
  • This app can also create txt log files.
  • Supports IP4 and IPV6.
  • It can detect lane changes and give us notifications about those lane changes.
  • Can perform periodic network checks.

To use it, you can first visit the official Traceroute NG website to get more detailed info and download it.


Next is an application called Acunetix, this application can automatically scan web application security accurately by scanning for gaps in HTML5 pages, JavaScript and other pages. This application can complex audit your website application. The available and useful features are as follows:

  • Can scan various variants of SQL Injection, XSS and other 4500+ loopholes.
  • Can detect more than 1200 core loopholes in WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Quickly navigate through hundreds of thousands of gaps on the page without any interruptions.
  • Integrates with the popular WAF and Issue Trackers to help with SDLC.
  • Available in the cloud.

For more information, you can visit the official Acunex website below.

GFI LanGuard

GFI LanGuard can scan the network for vulnerabilities. You could say this application will act like a “virtual security consultant” because it can scan at your request. The features available in this application are as follows:

  • Can help keep the network secure over time. Because this application can find out what changes occur in your system network that have an impact on security.
  • Has a management patch that can fix security vulnerabilities before being attacked.
  • Can analyze the network centrally.
  • Find attack threats early.

If you want to try this application, you can directly visit the official website of GFI LanGuard.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is very useful for those of you who want to do security testing on website systems. This application can work with you to support every testing process, from early mapping of vulnerabilities and also analyzing application attack risks. Other features available in this application are as follows:

  • Can detect more than 3000 website security vulnerabilities.
  • Can scan open source software as well as custom built applications.
  • Review gap data with gap management .
  • Can provide various technical reports.
  • Detects with an accuracy rate of up to 100%.
  • Automatic scanning.
  • Advanced scan logic.

To use it you can download the application on the official website of Burp Suite .


Ettercap supports both active and passive scanning including features for network and host analysis. The full features can be seen as follows:

  • Can perform active and passive scanning of many protocols .
  • ARP feature that can track the problem of gaps in the LAN that is enabled between two hosts.
  • Can track problematic SSH connections in full duplex.
  • Can track HTTP SSL security even when the connection is using a proxy.
  • This application can also create custom plugins using the Ettercap API.

For more info on how to use it, visit the official website of Ettercap .


As long as technology continues to develop, irresponsible hackers will always be present and curious to break into our systems. Therefore, as an online businessman , you must always make preparations early in securing your digital assets. Don't wait to be hacked before we add layered security.

One way to secure our website is to use Premium SSL. Masterweb provides Premium SSL which can secure your transactions on the website and can increase the trust of customers who visit your website