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How to Find Free Blogs from Expired Yahoo Email

How to Find Free Blogs from Expired Yahoo Email

How to Find Fred Blogs from Expired Yahoo Email - I accidentally found a way to Rome, yes, but this is really based on a true story.

From me who likes to look for inspiration, walking here and there visiting other people's blogs. click on ads if that person's content is useful and so on. okay let's start the story.


1. I am not responsible for any loss from any party.

2. The existing techniques and tools are exclusively only on, don't share them elsewhere without my permission.


Starting from searching for something on Google, I found a blog with the content I was looking for. The blog is an old blog around 2008.

Then on a whim, I tried to open the blog's blogger profile, on the left sidebar there was the blog owner's email (Yahoo).

I don't know where the whisper came from, suddenly there was an intention to re-register the email in Yahoo Mail.

And boom .. it can be registered. The blog has statistics like this : 

Okay if we rework it, or at least we can use it as a source of backlinks.

In my heart I asked, why can this be. Finally after reading the Yahoo help page, an account will be deleted after 12 months of inactivity.

This idea came up.. I'm not a lawyer and I don't know whether this is cyber crime or not. :D

I'm avoiding debate, just sharing, so let's get started.


From the above case, what we need to do is:
1. Find as many blogger profile URLs as possible.
2. Extract the email of each blogger profile
3. Check whether the email can be registered or not.
4. Checking whether or not the blog is suitable for us to have ^_^


1. Installed Google Chrome
2. Installed .NET Framework 4.5.2


The most time and effort saving way is to use the Search Engine Scraper tool.

For Scrapebox users, you can use a footprint like this:

Don't have ScrapeBox? Don't worry. I have a free tool, but only for scrape from Bing only.


Build Keyword

1. Find as many keywords as possible, you can use the keyword shitter.
2. Open
3. In the expression field, fill in ^(.)
4. Enter the list of keywords from the shitter keyword into the test string field.
5. In the substitution field, fill in $1
6. Copy all the results ..

Start scraping

Paste all keywords that have been append into the tool, click start then specify where the URL list of scrape results will be stored.

Wait until the process is complete, the result is like this


In this step we will filter whether the blogger profile that we have collected has an email or not.

So far I just tried to,,

Relax, there is another free tool..

This tool will search for emails from blogger profiles and will only search for emails with registered yahoo, hotmail, or outlook domains.


How to Use

1. Enter all blogger profile URLs into the tool.
2. Too often accessing can get recaptcha. For that use a proxy.
3. Click start .. wait until the process is complete.

Like the picture above, it is a list of emails that can be registered. On the right there is a list of blogs owned by the blogger profile.

Please check one by one whether the blog matches your criteria.


Before re-registering the email, it is better to first check whether the blog owned by the account is suitable for reuse.

Parameters I use:
PA >= 25
Alexa <= 2M

Because I haven't had the chance to do it yet, this has to be done manually.


It might sound difficult but I did it and it worked, I hope this tutorial can be useful for you, especially freebies like me it will definitely be very impressive, and don't forget to share and comment on your experiences.

That's all, see you in the other unexpected things, Goodluck! 😇