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How to find free edu and gov backlinks

How to find free edu and gov backlinks

How To Get .EDU and .GOV Backlinks - Share a light and short post about how to find and get quality backlinks from edu and gov sites for free. The strength of these two types of special TLD domains is undoubtedly in increasing the authority of the blog in search engines and this type of backlink is quite a lot hunted by other SEO circles after contextual backlinks.

Finding edu and gov backlinks is actually easy and difficult, usually this type of site is mostly a link field for spammers, so the site owner chooses to close the comment box because there are too many spam comments in it. 

Definition of backlinks

Backlinks come from 2 words, namely back and link, meaning a back link if it is described as a link where other websites link an active link to our website using anchortext or live links. Backlinks will tell Google that our site is popular so that Google will increase our blog's ranking in search engines with several important conditions

Among them, the links that link to our blog must come from trusted sites, not from low-quality sites, especially the google deindex site, of course, links of this type are not able to support a blog but become a burden for the linked blog so that it is difficult to rank up.

Some large websites certainly have hundreds of backlinks that support them so that the website can survive on the first page of Google, one of the backlinks that are guaranteed quality is a link that comes from edu and gov sites.

Why should edu and gov domains

There are lots of TLD sites that we can use as a place to plant links, one of which is a site with a dot com domain and dot net is the most popular domain.

Then sites with global domains and dot press are domains that are quite expensive (millions or how much)

After that, sites with edu and gov domains are types of trusted rating domains (high quality and trusted) all seo experts agree that this type of external link from these 2 domains has more power than other domains 

This is because Google prioritizes and provides the best position for the edu / education type domain for students and gov / government for the government. To register these two domains, legal requirements are also quite complicated, so that if you have registered either Google or other search engines, they consider this domain to be trusted and of high quality.

How to get backlinks from edu and gov

We use the footprint , a search technique using certain keywords to find traces of keywords in Google search and then follow them . For example, try typing the following footprint on google and then we'll see which edu site is in the high DA category.

.Edu inurl:blog "post a comment" "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" inurl:blog "post a comment" "Powered by ExpressionEngine" inurl: blog "post a comment" inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in"


        site inurl:blog "post a comment" "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" inurl:blog "post a comment" "Powered by ExpressionEngine" inurl:blog "post a comment" inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in"

To see the DA PA score on a website on the Google search page, please install the free mozbar addons.

How to find and get gov edu backlinks

A. Use the dropmylink service, more or less the same function as the footprint but has been simplified so that the user just chooses the type of backlink they want to find

B. Register for free, no need for email verification, you can create a fake account

C. Enter the required data, as needed

The search time can be set to the last few times
The results we choose only 20 results
Domain type available any domain, edu and gov
Category there are blog comments, forums, guestposts

D. Press search, if you are looking for a comment category, most of the results are edu sites which have become a link farm / link farm, although the DA is high but the effect is weak, so I choose the forum category

Why forums? because we can get backlinks from 3 places at once, namely through profiles, forum posts and comments posted on forums

E. Please register on the available signup button, fill in the requested data, add your website address to the profile data

F. Through the forum you can get backlinks in other ways, for example uploading files, commenting on people's threads, backlinks from profiles, backlinks by making posts etc. Please experiment yourself.

Another way to get edu and gov backlinks

1. Pay students

If you have student friends or students, they certainly have an account on the campus website, and as far as I know, everyone who has an account can post useful posts. Just pay students to publish quality articles on their campus websites and then ask them to provide a link to your website

2. Voluntary cooperation

In some government agencies such as where I recruited several volunteer programmers to help optimize websites owned by the local government, if you are a programmer just do volunteer work and then in the exploit section or certain parts of a website insert a link to your website

3. Use backlink services edu and gov

There are quite a number of services that provide website addresses planting on edu and gov type sites, of course they already have their own backlink list so you just have to pay and then receive the results (make sure full reports)

Finding this type of backlink is indeed a bit difficult, it requires patience and hard work because the edu site that has been used as a link field may have the comment box closed by the moderator, even though a website has a high DA but if there are too many outbound links / link juiced then the effect is still weak

If you have found several edu or gov websites that can be planted with links, please save the link so that later we can use it as a place to plant backlinks again.

After planting the link we have to wait long enough for the website to be crawled by the google bot, there is a trick to speed up your backlink index you can submit it manually to google or to website submission or use an indexer service such as link centaur.

That's my post about how easy it is to find and get quality backlinks of the edu and gov type, hopefully it will be useful, indeed this method is more difficult when compared to the gov domain redirect method that I posted some time ago but this method is permanent because our links are attached directly to the edu and gov sites when compared to the type of redirect where when the search query is cleaned automatically our link is lost