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How to Increase Visitors by Ranking Derivative Keywords

How to Increase Visitors by Ranking Derivative Keywords

How to Increase Visitors by Ranking Derivative Keywords - So let's say, your article is already perched on google page one. Your traffic is okay. You must be thinking of ranking articles / other keywords. But wait a minute, there are still tricks you can do to rank keywords derived from articles that already exist in the Page one. How do you do it bro?

The first way

I take an example for the keyword "british shorthair"

  • Open Ahrefs. Enter the URL of your article and press enter.
  • Select Organic keywords.
  • Sort based on Volume.
  • Take keywords that at least have not entered page Here I take the example of the keyword “british shorthair for sale” which is in position # 46.

What to do next?

1. For example, if you are targeting the keyword "british shorthair", you just need to add 300 wordsabout "british shorthair for sale" in the article that I took the example above. Use jump links to help Google find out the new content.

2. Remember not to change the title/description/content of an existing article. Your task is simply to add the content below it.

3. If you find related keywords such as "how to care for a british shorthair" create a new article (at least 1k words) then interlink to the main article.

What you will get?

Wait 1-2 weeks, usually the keywords you are targeting will increase their ranking on google drastically. I'm talking about being on the first page.

* * * * *

Second Way (FREE!)

Another alternative way is to use GSC (Google Search Console)

1. Install the Chrome / Firefox addon "Keywords Anywhere".

2. Open GSC and then the Performance menu. Under Queries, a new column will appear such as Search Volume, CPC and Comp default from the addon that you just installed earlier.

3. Look for keywords that have high volume, high impressions, low clicks, low CTR and positions >15 or >20.

4. Sort based on Impressions.

5. Do the next step like the ahrefs method above.

Which method do you want to use, up to you. Just make sure you take some action!

Good luck 😇