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Blogger vs WordPress | Reasons to migrate from wordpress to blogger

Blogger vs WordPress - Some novice self-hosted wordpress users deliberately move their blogs to the blogger platform for various reasons, generally because the annual hosting + domain fee also sees a bleak future for the blog, no visitors at all and lazy to update content

Another reason that is quite reasonable is that the quality of the hosting server is poor, often down and fails to be accessed, of course it is quite annoying because as blog owners we want the server condition to always be 99% uptime so that it can meet visitor requests both when traffic is low and heavy.

Hosting fees generally apply annually, but some are paid monthly. Rumahweb provides plesk free hosting for the first month, then pay for it

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Blogger vs Wordpress - In the early months for those who are not familiar with WordPress, they must experience difficulties from various things, from setting themes, installing plugins, setting SEO, writing articles, until the free trial trial period is nearing its end and blog traffic seems to have no progress at all. finally we decided to migrate to blogger free platform

Although it is undeniable that the feeling of wanting to return to using self-hosted wordpress is still there along with the curiosity that continues to haunt, but what power is the financial condition is indeed poor

In the beginning, blogging was not so sweet, traffic was still low or even zero/zero visitors. Organic traffic is the only source of income that is expected but what are the strengths like SEO temperatures used to also start a career from the beginning, namely using the free blogger platform, then when it started earning it was moved to the self-hosted wordpress platform

The spirit of blogging is getting hotter when the blog is accepted by the Google Adsense advertising network even though the list used to be just for fun and also did not expect to be accepted at all, but what can God wills otherwise. Adsense Approve less than 24 hours makes our hearts flower

Even though it's been approved, it doesn't mean we can get paid every month like most people, bringing organic visitors is difficult, especially the content you post on the internet today is not the only one. There are hundreds or thousands of competitors out there and Google only shows the top 10 results on the first page.

Reasons for moving from wordpress to blogger

The decision to move a blog that is sheltered in wordpress to blogger certainly requires careful consideration, we will lose full control of platform services and have to struggle with program codes that make ordinary people feel allergic

After trying wordpress for 1 month we know that wordpress features far more than blogger, plugins that automate SEO performance look powerful but traffic power is still low, where hosting should be extended when money runs out.

Self hosted WordPress is our personal property, other people cannot interfere in our business. Want to post pirated content, buy and sell online, landing page redirects, all of that is allowed because it belongs to us. Unlike bloggers, auto-locked online shops, share pirated/adult content, auto suspend and so on

Everything is limited, therefore, as free users, we must obey the rules and policies of bloggers.

Blogger vs. Wordpress
Blogger vs Wordpress

Here are the reasons why you moved your blog from wordpress to blogger 

1. WordPress blog themes are hard to set up

Install the theme in blogger, just upload the XML file then change the menu through the HTML editor and set the layout. The appearance of the blog already looks similar to the demo template. In wordpress after installing the theme, the preview looks messy and doesn't match the demo which looks elegant. Users have to spend more time tinkering with wordpress themes.

However, this is only the view of beginners who have just used wordpress you know.. even though it looks easy, for example, installing related posts, you just need to install a plugin but tinkered with it on the theme page, it doesn't exist, is it quite complicated?.

2. The average wordpress theme is made by foreign people

Wordpress is an open source platform or the term is open source, if we type "Download WordPress Themes" on google, it will definitely appear that the average person made from abroad.

3. The price of premium wordpress themes is expensive

The average price for a blogger template is $10 or at most $20, while a premium wordpress theme knows how much it costs.

Even then, each theme has a limited license for several domains.

In addition, foreign-made themes are usually sold on sites such as themeforest, wowthemes which incidentally does not accept payments via local banks other than credit/debit card payment methods, paypal.

4. wordpress posts are messy

One of the newbie obstacles when writing articles on WordPress is tidying up paragraphs that should be lined so that each paragraph change doesn't fall apart. 

While in blogger we don't use paragraphs at all, right? although in the latest blogger dashboard view has been added to set the left and right paragraph tabs.

5. No built-in statistics like blogger

Diblogger has a statistics page that shows the number of page views, visitor origin, country, device and so on. While at wordpress does not exist by default.

To find out statistics we have to install additional plugins such as Google Analytic Dashboard, JetPack, WP Statistical, W3Counter and so on.

Beginners who do not understand this will definitely be confused. It's even better if you see detailed visitor statistics through the Google Analytics service

Analytic services focus on seeing real visitors, aka unique visitors, not Page Views, but is it more fun to see page views than unique visitors? 1 visitor opens 10 pages and counts 10 views, it looks like our blog is busy even though in reality there are few visitors.

Although Page Views count the number of pages that are opened, more or less this affects our enthusiasm for blogging activities. Who is not happy to try to see his blog opened 100 pages / day?

6. WorPress Site often down

Hosting specifications need to be considered, as well as the types there are shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. Everything has its own performance but most beginners still use shared hosting because it is considered cheaper.

As a result of being gangbanged by many users, usually shared hosting is easy to down, whether it's at homeweb or other places.

An inaccessible blog is really annoying, especially if the hosting is suspended because of traffic overload, which we ourselves as newbies don't understand why this can happen. 

Shared hosting user performance is affected by other users who use the same hosting with you. When other users get a spike in visitors, your site suddenly goes down.

1 haters who flood 1 blog with data requests / Ddos the effect is felt by one server, makes you angry, right? Moreover, hosting if the specifications are small, it is usually used for testers, those of you who are still learning to join will be affected by the error.

7. Lack of mastery of wordpress

Previously using an easy and simple blogger, suddenly moving to wordpress which has to pay attention to many metrics such as disk consumption, bandwidth, plugins, themes and so on must be complicated. Moreover, the PHP wordpress language often makes ordinary beginners shake their heads.

The belief that wordpress is more SEO than blogger or the finding of the fact that 60% of websites on the internet use the wordpress platform makes us curious to try it. But what can we do because a lack of enthusiasm for learning and lack of knowledge makes us feel that things that should be trivial look complicated.

8. Blogging and other activities

Everyone has their own busyness whether in the virtual world or the real world. If you are more busy in the real world then you have only 2 choices, namely to continue the blog or leave it.

Blogging on blogger only pays an annual domain renewal fee (optional) and we can blog in our spare time, while when we use our own hosting we are too busy with many things such as what plugins to install, theme design, monitoring disk-bandwidth-nodes usage. etc.

We are adults, let alone working for other people, blogging while working will feel heavy. It doesn't feel like the hosting lease is ending soon and must be extended immediately.

Unlike when we were in college, maybe we are more active in the virtual world than the real world. Update 2-3 articles / day is not a difficult matter, now? just updating 1 article is already shaking its head.

9. Save the budget to a minimum

Wordpress also has a free version on using a free subdomain, but it's different from blogger and its blogspot subdomain. The free blog version of wordpress cannot be monetized with the adsense advertising network while blogspot can.

You might think to blog with the minimum possible budget, after all 1 month hosting is also an unconditional free trial and it turns out you feel uncomfortable.

You will not receive an email remembering payment from the hosting provider, it feels uncomfortable if the intention of blogging is just a hobby but being chased by the cost of extending hosting and domain from self-hosted wordpress.

10. More comfortable blogging

Blogger is simple, simple and limited. This simplicity factor makes beginners adapt quickly and feel comfortable. However, that doesn't mean that bloggers can't grow.

Not inferior to wordpress, blogger now comes with AMP features, push notifications, live chat, online store posting, can create member pages when connected to firebase (for coding experts), even though it seems complicated if it's comfortable, what can you do.

Some users who migrated from blogger to wordpress even went on hiatus, their blogs were abandoned because they were lazy to do this setting. As a result move on again to blogger and hope to be more istiqomah than before.

Thus the article about blogger vs wordpress the reasons why migrating a blog from wordpress to blogger. Some beginners will agree and can accept the points that I convey above. While the rest may still be pros and cons... after all, blogs are a place where we are free to channel opinions, thoughts, debates, discussion trails and so on.