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The Secret to Getting Your Blog Accepted by Google Adsense

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The Secret to Getting Your Blog Accepted by Google Adsense - Websites or blogs can make money, especially through Google AdSense. Here's how to register and the terms of the blog accepted by Google Adsense. Make sure your website/ blog is eligible to be accepted into Google's advertising program. The content must be good and the number of visitors must be large or high traffic.

How do I register for Google AdSense ? What are the requirements to be accepted by Google Adsense? What is the minimum number of visitors to the blog? When can a blog or website be monetized and make money from AdSense?

That's the most frequently asked question by novice bloggers related to Google ads.

However, the most difficult question to answer is how many visitors or readers per day so that the blog can post Google ads? 

How high is the site traffic or the number of page views?

There have been many bloggers who have shared about the requirements for the list and how to be accepted by Google Adsense. Google itself has provided a very detailed guide on Adsense Support.

Understanding Google AdSense

For "newbies" or do not understand what Google Adsense is, here is a brief explanation.

Google Adsense is a Google advertising program that involves website or blog owners to display (install) Google ads on their blogs.

Ads come from advertisers in the Google Ads or Google AdWords program. These ads will appear on our blog, according to the content or niche of the blog.

Ads in the form of links or images will be adjusted to the content of the installer's website automatically by Google.

Google will later give a commission or pay the publisher every time the ad link is clicked (PPC, Paid Per Click) or appears per 1000 impression or Paid Per Impression.

"AdSense appears in the form of text, images, videos , and interactive ads around content or articles. Usually, the ads on Google AdSense have been selected, compiled, and managed by Google, but we can also filter them in our AdSense account."

Becoming a Google ad publisher is the most popular way to make money online , although there are many alternatives to Google AdSense .

AdSense is contextual advertising. The ads that Google displays on the blog will match the existing content. For example, if the article on a blog is about web hosting, it is likely that advertisements related to hosting, domains, web design, blogging platforms, and the like will appear.

AdSense will also select ads based on the search history of web visitors. This method is intended to make ads more targeted.

To place Google ads is very easy. We just need to add a code and the ads will be active immediately.

If one blog has been accepted as a Google ad publisher, then we can install AdSense on several websites, up to 500 blogs!The amount of AdSense earnings will be accumulated from several blogs and sent every month. Payment method can be via Western Union.

How to Register for Google AdSense

How to register for Google AdSense is on the AdSense Help page . We must first create an AdSense account. Just login using Gmail.

If you use Gmail or another Google service, you already have one. If you haven't already, you can create a Google Account when you create your AdSense account.

To create an AdSense account, follow these steps:

  • Click Register now.
  • Enter the URL of the site where you want your ad to appear. Learn more about entering a URL.

For Blogger blogs, one of the signs that a blog can be registered as a Google Adsense ad publisher is the appearance of the Earning menu as shown in the following image:

Google Adsense Log in

Click the Earnings menu , then click Sign up for AdSense . It's very easy to register Google AdSense on Blogger. However, to be accepted, blogs must meet the following requirements.

Google Adsense Acceptance Terms

1. Interesting, Quality and Original Content

Make sure your blog has interesting and original content, not copy and paste alias "plagiarism". The point is, it must be written by yourself, original, complete, useful, and sought after/needed by many users.

2. Lots of visitors. How many?

Well, this one is difficult to answer. Google itself does not mention the numbers. Just mentioning high traffic and high pageviews . In essence, visited by many people alias many visitors!

I just found the minimum number of visitors on the John Do site . He said, at least your blog is visited by 250 unique visitors per day ! Maybe more too!

"As a result I still hold pretty firmly that you should wait until you have 250 unique visitors per day. In fact, I suggest even more. I suggest to people that they start advertising on their blog around the point that they are averaging at least 250 unique visitors per day. What that looks like over a month’s time is approximately 7,500 unique visitors." - John Do

However, if the visitors per day are only 250 visitors, the chances of the adsense income are small.

I think the minimum number of blog visitors for AdSense is 1000 unique visitors . This is based on experience. Some of my blogs that are visited by more than 1000 users per day usually generate dollars from AdSense.

3. Blogger must be at least 18 years old.

The age of the owner of the blog must be over 19 years. Under 18 years of age, they are considered children, not adults. This is also related to the disbursement of AdSense funds/commissions later at a bank or western union.

4. NO Adult Content!

Your blog is not allowed to contain pornographic, adult, or vulgar content, as well as violent and SARA-related content.

Your blog must also not contain harassment, bullying, or similar content that advocates harming a person or group.

5. Google Adsense Prohibited Content

  • Illegal drug content and equipment
  • Sales of beer or liquor
  • Sales of cigarettes or cigarette derivative products
  • Prescription drug sales
  • Sale of weapons or ammunition (e.g., rifles, rifle components, combat knives, stun guns)
  • Sale of counterfeit or imitation of branded goods or other goods
  • Sales or distribution of assignments or lecture papers
  • Content about programs that compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, browsing websites , or reading email
  • Other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities, or violates the legal rights of others

There are many other provisions. Please refer to the source links below this post.

Terms accepted by Google Adsense is quite "heavy".

However, once you are accepted, the dollars will flow – into passive income. Blogging also becomes your "online business". Make money with blogging aka become a Blogpreneur.

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Google AdSense Alternative

It doesn't have to be Google AdSense to make money from a blog. There are many alternatives to Google AdSense. I've tried Chitika and other AdSense alternatives. However, the results are not satisfactory, aka the income is very minimal.

I focus on AdSense only. Google AdSense is still the mainstay of bloggers who monetize their blogs, aka make mone blogging.

In fact, I think, news sites ( online media ) also rely on Google AdSense in their business. Just look at the ads that appear on news sites . From Google right?

Google AdSense is an advertising cooperation program through internet media organized by Google.

Through the AdSense advertising program, website or blog owners who have registered and approved for membership are allowed to install ad units whose form and material have been determined by Google on their web pages.

The owner of the website or blog will get income in the form of profit sharing from Google for every ad clicked by site visitors, which is known as the Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Click system. (Wikipedia)

PPC advertising is a type of advertisement that will pay the publisher every time an ad is clicked or clicked by a visitor.

Another type of advertising is Cost per Millions (CPM), which is a type of ad that will pay the publisher every 1000 times the ad appears in front of visitors.

AdSense Earning Amount

How much money can we get if our blog puts Google ads? Relatively, it could be under 1 million, it could also be above 100 million, depending on the traffic, the number of visitors, and the number of visitors who clicked on the ads that appear on our blog.

My guess is that the average Indonesian blogger earns around IDR 500 thousand to one million per month from AdSense.

For English language blogs, advertising revenue can be greater than Indonesian language blogs .

Of course, popular news sites visited by millions of visitors per day will earn thousands or even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.


The main requirement for a blog to be accepted as a Google ad publisher (AdSense) is a lot of visitors. My estimate, the minimum number of visitors is 300 to 1000 people per day.

To get a lot of readers, the blog must contain quality content. Google will not accept blogs that use duplicate content (copy and paste) let alone plagiarism (stolen content).

One of the criteria for quality content is posts that are useful and provide new information to readers.

Thus a review of how to register and the terms of the blog accepted by Google Adsense. Peace be upon you.