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How to Increase CTR Google Adsense

Causes of Low Adsense Ad Clicks (Small CTR) and How to Increase It - Hello friends, having additional income from a blog is the dream of many people. One of them is through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a type of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This means that the amount of income we will get depends on the number of ad clicks we get. The more clicks on ads that are installed on our blog, the more income we will get.

However, the problem is, often the number of clicks you get is very small or often referred to as Small CTR. What is CTR? So CTR is the Click Through Rate or the comparison of clicks obtained with the number of ad impressions. When the CTR is small, the income earned will also be small. Then what causes a few adsense ad clicks or a small CTR? And how to solve it?

How to Increase CTR Google Adsense
How to Increase CTR Google Adsense

Causes of Few Adsense Ad Clicks (Small CTR)

Actually, there is no standard for how much CTR is normal. However, many bloggers agree and say that the normal CTR is around 2% – 5%. If the CTR is below 2%, it can be said to be a Small CTR. Then what causes the number of clicks on Adsense Ads a little? Here are some of the causes of a small number of ad clicks:

1. Too few ads

One of the causes of Low CTR is that too few ads are placed. Because there are too few ads served, this causes the chances of the ads to get clicks will be smaller.

2. Incorrect ad placement

Another factor that causes a small number of ad clicks is improper ad placement. If the adsense ad is placed in a place that is rarely seen by visitors (such as the footer) then it is certain that the ad will not get a lot of clicks.

3. Install lazy load google adsense

Installing lazy load on google adsense ads can also cause the number of clicks you get to decrease. If you don't understand what lazy load is, so lazy load is to hold Google Adsense ads displayed before visitors scroll to our blog. So there is a long delay for our ad to be shown. This causes visitors to have left the page when the google adsense ad has not been loaded.

4. Loading template is too long

Loading templates for too long can also be the cause of getting few ad clicks. This is because visitors will leave our blog and visit other blogs whose templates load quickly. This means that visitors visit our blog without doing any activity.

5. The number of blog visitors is small

The next cause of the small number of ad clicks is the number of visitors to our blog which is still minimal. Because the number of visitors to our blog is small, the possibility of clicks on ads is also very small.

6. Lots of irrelevant ads

Clicks on the displayed ad are highly dependent on the relevance of the displayed ad with the currently opened article. If the ads that appear are not relevant to the article being read, then the chances of clicks are also getting smaller.

7. Ad size is not maximal

When placing adsense ads, we can set the size of the ads that are displayed. Fewer ad clicks can also be caused by improper ad sizes. It could be that the size of the ad that appears on your blog is too small so that the ad is not visible to visitors.

8. Ads are not too flashy

Clicks on small ads can also be caused because the ad design that is displayed is not too flashy. It certainly will not attract the attention of blog visitors. Because they are not interested, blog visitors will only read articles and then leave without clicking on the ads that appear.

Yes, that's some of the causes of the small number of adsense ad clicks. Now let's discuss how to increase the number of clicks on adsense ads on our blog.

9. Niche Blog

The blog theme is also a determining factor in the number of clicks you get. On the internet there are 2 kinds of visitors, namely visitors who are familiar with the internet and visitors who are still new. If your blog discusses bloggers, then surely your blog visitors already understand which ads are and which ones are ads. Then the possibility of visitors clicking on the ad is getting smaller.

How to increase CTR or number of ad clicks

If the CTR or the number of clicks on your adsense ads is low, then how do you increase it? What efforts should we make? Here are some ways that can be done to increase CTR:

1. Increase the number of ads installed

The easiest way to increase clicks on ads is to multiply the ads that are placed. Actually there are no rules for how many ads are posted. As long as the ad does not interfere with visitors reading the article, then it is not a problem. Normally on a page there are approximately 5 ads that appear.

2. Improve ad placement

Ad placement is also very influential on the clicks obtained. Place google adsense ads in strategic places and are often seen by visitors. Like in the header, sidebar, and the middle of the article. That way the chances of the ad getting clicks will be even greater.

3. Don't put lazy load on Google Adsense ads

As we already know that installing a lazy load on google adsense ads causes a delay so that ads can run. By not installing lazy load on google adsense, ads on blogs will appear immediately when visitors open your blog. So you can be sure that visitors will always see your ad and potentially get a click. 

4. Speed ​​up loading templates

The speed of loading the template also affects the clicks you will get. When your template has a fast loading, then your ad will also appear quickly. Therefore, use a template that has a good loading speed.

5. Increase blog visitors

Blog visitors are the determinant of the number of ad clicks you can get. When your blog visitors are only a few, then the number of clicks that you will get is definitely a little too. Therefore, please increase your blog visitors by multiplying articles and promoting your blog. 

6. Block irrelevant ads

As an adsense publisher, you can block ads that are not relevant to your blog. Because irrelevant ads will be very difficult to get clicks. So, please block ads that are not relevant to your blog.

For example, your blog discusses how to fish, but if the ad that appears is a cooking tutorial, then the ad will definitely not be clicked. It's another thing if your blog discusses home design, then the ads that appear are bedroom design ideas, then surely visitors will be interested in clicking on ads.

7. Maximize ad size

The size of the ad is also a determinant of whether the ad will be clicked or not. Instead of installing ads that are fixed in size, it's better for you to install responsive ads. Because responsive ads can adjust the size when your blog is opened on various devices. Because the size of the ads that run on laptops is different in size from the ads that run on smartphone. 

8. Niche for common people

When you create a blog, if you can make a blog with a niche whose visitors are people who are not very familiar with the internet. For example, a niche about birds. Usually those who like birds are gentlemen who are not too familiar with the internet. So it will be difficult to distinguish which ones are ads and which ones are not. That way, the chances of getting clicks will be higher.

9. Create eye-catching ad designs

When creating an ad unit, you can design how the ad will appear. Such as colors, layouts, fonts, and so on. So, when designing the appearance of the ad, try to get the ad to attract attention. When the visitor's attention is focused on the ad, it is likely that the visitor will click on the ad.

Yes, it's enough to get here first for my article this time about Low Adsense Ad Clicks (Small CTR) and How to Increase It. Hopefully by reading my article this time you can make improvements to your blog so that the number of clicks you can increase. Thank you for visiting!