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7 Step to Increase Youtube View Like Mr. Beast

Youtube View Like Mr. Beast

Increase Youtube View Like Mr. Beast - Many people target Youtube viewers for various reasons. Whether it's just to build branding to open up opportunities to earn money from the uploaded content. If you are someone who wants to increase views, here are some tips that you can try.

1. Create interesting content

One of the tips to increase Youtube views is to create interesting content like Youtube Mr. Beast. Content is indeed the main attraction of Youtube viewers. With this content, it will definitely increase Youtube viewers. Of course, good content will also invite positive responses from the audience.

Create content that has its own value and is of course relevant to your Youtube channel. For example, if you create an educational channel, create video content that is educational but still entertaining so that the video can appear on the front page of searches.

2. Title and keyword optimization

The title of the video is also one of the important things as tips for increasing Youtube views. Therefore, create a title that is appropriate to the Youtube content and should not be clickbait which can bring negative sentiments and disappoint the audience.

In addition, you also need to find out what keywords are being talked about a lot. If the trending keywords are matched to the title and content of your video, the result is that the video will be crowded with viewers.

3. Using custom thumbnails

In addition to the title, the use of thumbnails is also one of the things that have an effect on increasing the number of views on the Youtube account. The reason is, thumbnails are one of the first things users see when searching for videos, so you need to do optimization.

There are several tips to increase Youtube views that can be done in terms of making thumbnails. Among other things, make sure the thumbnail matches the content of your video, then briefly enter the video title on the thumbnail. Don't forget to create unique thumbnails by using color combinations or dominant colors such as blue, red, green, to orange.

4. Write a video description

There are several reasons why a video description needs to be included, namely allowing viewers to determine whether the video is appropriate and making it easier for Youtube's algorithm itself.

There are some tips to increase Youtube views Like Mr. Beast related to making good video descriptions. You can make a catchy intro with 2-3 sentences. In addition, make a video summary of at least 150 words clearly so that viewers can understand the content of the content.

Create a description that inserts keywords so that it is read by the Youtube Algorithm. Also insert links in descriptions such as web, blogs, to social media accounts as part of account engagement. The higher the engagement, the more likely the video will appear on the timeline.

5. Using the MVC formula

Filling video tags is also one way to optimize YouTube views. This is because tags will help Youtube understand the topic of your video. For that, try using the MVC formula aka “main keyword”, “variation”, and “category” in each column of the tags used.

Main keyword is used in the first or second tag, Variation is used as a secondary keyword, and Category is listed according to the category of your video content. With the right filling, of course, it will make topics and categories more optimal.

6. Take advantage of the Cards and End Screens features

These two features are also one way to increase Youtube views. The cards feature displays a list of other videos in the form of a button in the upper right corner but will not interfere with the running video. In addition, you can also use the end screen feature which can display thumbnails of other videos at the end of the video.

In this way, viewers can be invited to watch other videos from our Youtube channel. This of course will make the number of views increase in every video that we have.

7. Promote to social media

Another step that is no less important is to promote the videos you make to social media. Share this content has a large enough opportunity to be watched, especially since Indonesia is one of the largest social media users.

One of the tips to increase Youtube Views Like Mr. Beast that can be used considering the duration of social media is usually limited, namely by making video footage to be posted on social media accounts and then adding your video link. Followers will be curious and immediately click on the Youtube video link.